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29 January 2017

To get to know with Dr.sabeti,rhinologist and ENT surgeon,we invite you to read the following.

I,Kasra Sabeti, was born in Capital city of Tehran, Iran in 1967.Still being a small child,I used to pay special attention to fine arts issues as well as looking deep into structures and figures.I remind some memories whereby older students or art workers were surprised at some pieces of mine and admired my so called talent.After finishing highschool I took a position in medical school and entered the program with high marks.Being in touch, for the first time,with greatly scientific textbooks and the surprising facts about how a human organism works,completely evolved my taste of science for ever and opened quite a new chapter in my personal attitude and viewpoints towards life and nature. Alongside with my majors I was gradually attracted to artistic activities,among them playing music.I could achieve good success in playing violin and piano as a result of my sincere commitment to the issue of art as far that I appeared in some orchestral events,one of them as a solo player.After graduation from medical school a new era of travelling to different regions in the country,facing new  exciting challenges concerning medical treatments and obtaining invaluable experiences,both social and technical,began in my life.Being profoundly involved in general medical processes,I gradually found out that specializing in the area may be equally productive and interesting for me. In accordance with this new idea, I started postgraduate study in otorrhinolaryngology specialty,again with good marks,and returned to the market with new armamentarium in my hand.Following was a persistent long period of exploring diverse areas of this lovely specialty which finally led me to the loveliest part of it,facial plastic surgery.Having done lots of operations during a 15 yr period with many fine outcomes and some mediocre or even weak ones,I have learned primarily, not to lose hope despite seemingly disappointing experiences throughout the career,and to best exercise improvement in the trend of surgery. Participation in different educational programs,seminars,congresses and other associated events,assissts me in tracing an unending endeavor in making good progress in the basics of the science and surgical techniques.Playing piano always relieves my stresses and fixes my occasional uncertainties about the job.Finally now,I look forward to gaining further experience and mastery in the area.

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